About Us

We are a courier company that is dedicated to providing our customers with quality delivery solutions. Having your package arrive at its destination on time, in today’s High-Tech society, doesn’t seem like too much to ask. But, for some courier companies, what they put on paper doesn’t always match their service. That’s where Silver State Couriers differs from the competition

Silver State Couriers is committed to your time-sensitive delivery needs with reliable service at the most economical price.

Silver State Couriers has been in business since 1991 and remains one of the very few courier services who continues to utilize EMPLOYEE drivers instead of Independent Contractor drivers. To our clientele this means that we have easier and tighter control over what each driver does in providing your services to you. Every driver is required to be uniformed and carry picture ID. Every driver has to pass background checks and meet minimum standards before they can be employed here at Silver State Couriers.